Human Resources Management Consultancy

Our services in the field of human resources are provided through two different business models:

  • Project-based services – This model involves the implementation of one or several projects within a given period.
  • Interim Consultant-Director Service– This is a format whereby we establish a longer term, longer lasting business partnership with our client. Our related Consultant-Director or Manager works at your company on the designated days of the week reporting to the management team just like any one of your employees. This model offers the luxury of making full use of the expertise of high-level professionals who, under normal conditions, are not preferably employed on full-time basis by small and medium size companies or even large businesses in certain industries.

Services offered in both business models:

  • HR Check Up: Analysis of the company’s all HR processes, and therefore measure the efficiency of the organization, followed by the submission of the results to the company’s top management, accompanied by a business plan. Close scrutiny of the company’s HR systems and procedures with a view to reporting the weaknesses by way of comparison with the best practices in the market and setting up of systems addressing such weaknesses in the manner best suitable to the organisation’s work processes. An example to the output of such analysis is a Human Resources Management Manual.
  • A structured work for laying down a sound HR infrastructure with the objective of generating a performance-driven culture.
  • Identifying HR Targets/KPIs in concordance with the business objectives and restructuring the HR department in the same spirit.
  • Setting up the HR department from scratch or subjecting the existing staff to a comprehensive training and/or preparing them for their future career.
  • Building and implementing a brand strategy for the company. References: Unilever and Garanti Bank.
  • Installation of a Performance Management System.
  • Identifying competencies and developing a language for HR talk. We can also enter into business partnerships with international companies for this purpose.
  • Performance of an Annual Training Needs Analysis and developing an action plan accordingly.
  • Designing Leadership Development Programs (infrastructural work for developing future leadership teams).
  • Measurement of benefits gained from the training sessions organised.
  • Developing recruitment and displacement processes and procedures in compliance with professional standards, legal requirements and ethical norms.
  • Development and management of career and succession planning.
  • Laying the foundations for coaching and mentorship culture.
  • Provision of Assessment Center services in cooperation with our strategic business partners.

The services we provide within this scope are:

  • Checking the prerequisites of application for the brand
  • Preparation of the Appraisal Set;
  • Submitting the application to start the Appraisal Process;
  • Starting the Candidacy Assessment and preparing the report;
  • Preparation of the Strategic Business Plan for the Brand and its submission to the concerned ministry;
  • Preparation of the Detailed Analysis of the Company activities;