Executive Search and Selection

One of the most critical aspects of today’s business world is to find and retain the right talents who are to perfectly adapt to the company culture. We meet companies’ Director, General Manager, CEO and other top level executive needs by finding the right persons whom we are confident to best fit in the company culture and to add the greatest value to the organization.

We, as a team who has successfully completed numerous local and international projects in a high variety of industries, measure our high performance with our clients’ continued commitment to work with us. We consider our clients as our business partners and and play a pivotal part in their future achievements by means of our innovative and sustainable services.

In finding and deployment of top level executives we work with our strategic business partners who are major international players but who are also closely familiar with Turkey’s business environment and culture. Our present business partner in this specific field is the United Kingdom-based HGA Harveen Gill Associates.

Below is the outline of our methodology:

  • We first listen to our client with great care and attention, ask the right questions and correctly identify their needs.
  • Then we share with our client realistic, factual, up to date information about the market environment. In case of any question mark in our mind as to the successful completion of the project we point it out to our client in an honest and straightforward manner.
  • For the management of the projects we appoint our experienced consultant who have indepth knowledge about the specific work to be done and the industry in general.
  • We perform 360° reference controls, by obtaining feedback not only from the candidate’s line managers but also the teams he/she has worked together and his/her fellow professionals.
  • We also apply the internationally recognised “Assessment Center” technique to look closer into the candidate’s competencies and personal attributes.

Below are the industries we are focused on in the field of top-level executive search and selection services. However we provide services to other industries as well through our national and global business partners network.

  • Retail
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance & Banking
  • Education / Training
  • Technology / E-commerce

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